Well hello there..

Well hello there..

Firsty, i would like to say hi. My name is Vikki, i am a very proud mummy to 5 amazing children and I am happily married to my best friend Ben.

Some of my readers may be following me from my previous blog and some may be new to reading my posts. For those of you new to my way of blogging I welcome you. I like to keep my page very ‘real’. And by that I mean talk about the real things i go through with my family. Talking about my thoughts and sharing with you and golden tips i pick up throughout my parenting and homemaking journey.

Since my last blog i have had some major changes to my life. The biggest and by far the best change is having baby number five. Yes, you heard or should i say- read that right , i have five children. My oldest son, Josh is 9 years old. My oldest daughter Bella is 7 years old.  Lucie is 5 years old, Zakari is 3 years old and my newest baby girl, Esmae is 5 months.  

I have also moved home. No longer are we  crammed into a small 2 bedroomed house. We now have a wonderful period property with 6 bedrooms and plenty of space for both parents and children to enjoy.

I hope you will come along with my journey and enjoy with me the ups and downs of raising a family and hopefully have many laughs along the way.

Much love

~ Vikki ~



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