7 Things people don’t tell you about after having a C Section…..

As you already know I am a mum to five beautiful children. My first born was delivered naturally and all other babies were deliverd via a Cesarean  Section. 

Going into a C Section all the doctors and nurses are very clear on all the ‘risk’ factors that may incur from undergoing this operation. Infact they provide you with leaflets to take home so you can educate yourself further. However, the ‘ what to expect afterwards’ section of all the information out there doesn’t   tell you about a few ‘real’ factors you will face after a C Section especially if you have multiple like me. 

It is well known that the more Cesarean Sections you have the longer the recovery and the more painful the process. Of course this can differ from person to person.  We all know the recommended 6 weeks of doing nothing (ha like that really is an option) as the muscles are still trying to heal and knit themselves together. But the things I had not been made aware of or even found someone sharing was the ‘un talked about’ effects of undergoing a Cesarean Section. Some of these may be shocking to hear and some may not.  So here it goes…..

Number 1-  Getting up hurts. It hurts alot. Dont worry this will pass but for the first few weeks be prepared for some pain. The best way to manage this is to  prop yourself up with pillows. This isnt the easiest or the most comfortable way to sleep granted,  but by far the best way to eliminate the discomfort. Then the other advise i can give you is to roll onto your side to get yourself up. Getting up from a propped up position is easier than a laying flat position.  This should only last around 2-7 weeks. Now those numbers may frighten you but the lower number is for first Cesarean and the highest number for a higher number of multiple Sections.  The pain lasted 7 weeks for my 4th C Section. When you are Feeling up to walking around it is best to stand as straight as possible as soon as possible however daunting it may be. But believe me it aids your recovery and helps you heal faster as your musles will heal flat and not bent over. If you stay bent over and your muscles heal themselves in this position they will then stretch and may even pull apart when you finally do stand up straight. 

Number 2-  You will still have a loss. Even though the surgeons will have cleaned you out during the operation you will still have some left over blood and gunk that will need to pass. This will last around a week. It will not be as heavy as someone who gave birth natually but its enough that you need to do frequent pad changes. During this time you need to watch out for signs of infection.  Any yellow type loss is a good indication you may have  a minor infection present. In this case  seek some medical advice as you may need to take a course of antibiotics.  

Number 3-  The more Cesarean Sections you have the thinner the tissue is around the incision.  This is why it is important to rest and do the bare  minimum as you can inorder to eliminate the chamces of your incision having a rupture. Now it wasn’t until  my 4th Section that I experienced this. In the left corner of my incision I had a little hole. With gunk and all! It wasn’t very big at all but big enough that it made me concerned so I asked my midwife to take a little look. This is when I found out that these little ‘holes’ are quite common and not really anything to worry about. Now if you do have one it is important to get it looked at but chances are if its small and only on the surface it will need to be kept clean and may need to have a prescribed cream applied on the area. 

Number 4-  Itching. As the tissue and muscles are healing it causes you to itch. This itching is so intense that I personally could of scratched my tummy until it was raw. However, i found putting something cool on it helped and a thick layer of Sudocreme.  I am allergic to Lanolin but I have heard that Larnacane can work for people too. 

Number 5-  Numbness. The nerves during the operation have literally been sliced in two so the nerves are damaged. Sensation doesn’t come back. Only the areas on and immediately around the incision. Im not sure if it is because I have had so many C Sections but mine is completly numb. 

Number 6 –  The belly over hang!  Yeah. If  this however is your first C section your tummy will not be affected too much but for people like me, the ones with 4 Sections under your belt the over hang is shocking. Mine has a mind of its own, jiggles without my permission and will not let me fit into my real size clothing. I have to buy a size bigger and have silly ‘too big for you’ trouser legs. Now another thing that unfortunately goes along side having this over hang tummy is what I call spreed  ( aka sweat rash). Its a bugger! My advice- keep clean and invest im some antifungal creams. Also after  washing the area use a hairdryer to dry under the tummy. Ensure it is fully dry before you get dressed. It is also very important that I point out at this time that this new tummy, this over hang is not something that should make you feel any less of a beautiful person. It is a direct result of creating a human being and this is nothing to feel ashamed about. I accept how my body looks now  and embrace my new mummy body.

Number 7 –  This is the one. The one that made me want to write this whole post. It is the most seen as taboo and therefore maybe why it hasn’t been talked about. Im not entirely sure how to put this either. I do not want to be grapic but I still want you to understand what it is that I am talking about. So here it goes. Having a C Section has an effect on the location of your “pleasure spot”. Now it doesnt move but the pleasure part, the internal ball does. Only slightly but it can effect the way you are able to orgasm. Each Section I have had,  I have needed to learn how and where my newly located ‘spot’ needs  to now be stimulated.  You may find that you need to change techniques in order for you to reach enjoyment. Some have said they find it very difficult to find pleasure while being stimulated there or find it more difficult to reach a climax. This could be down to the fact  that during the  incision some nerves may have been cut that are connected to that area. 
I hope I have helped a few of you. My intention was not to frighten anyone or to put anybody off . These are natural processes from having a delivery via a Cesarean Section.  I just wanted give you a little insite into my  experiences and in doing so provided you with more information on what to expect during the recovery. Please feel free to contact me of you would like any further help or advice on having a Cesarean Section. 

~ Vikki ~


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