Date Night FAIL!

Well as the title of my post suggests we attempted to go on a date night. All set up on Saturday night my mother-in-law had the children so Ben and I could enjoy a night to ourselves.  Or so we had planned. 

Now I understand that by having as many children as I do limits the amount of alone adult time on offer but is it too much to ask for? Just one Saturday Night. 

Everything there was that could have gone wrong went wrong. For starters the roads were closed.  CLOSED! I mean what?? The entire access into Cardiff was closed. After some detective work searching google and scanning through road traffic updates I learned that they were resurfacing the blummin’ roads. 

Then it started raining. Yes, yes I know I live in Wales. Im used to the rain of this country. This rain was as if a monsoon decided to hit just for that night. Just for my date night. Needless to say I then sported a somewhat uncanny resemblance of a poodle. 

By the time we finally made it into Cardiff it was too late and we were too exhausted to bother trying to find a place that wouldn’t have a  huge waiting list. So we decided we would salvage what was left of our night and go home, have a takeaway and watch – wait for it- i’m a celebrity get me out of here. 

Takeaway choices. Does anyone else suddenly become unable to make a decision on what they want to blummin put in their mouth? Oh wow I just heard Ben in my head with umpteenth innuendo’s. Anyway, as I was saying when it comes to choosing a takeaway, for some reason we seem to struggle. Since moving out of Cardiff our food options have been drastically limited. Even this doesn’t seem to help us. We eventually decided on a good old Chinese.  Yum!

After eating said Chinese we were so tired we couldn’t even stay up to watch I’m a celeb. Grrrrr!  Having kids have really effected my ability to ‘stay awake’.

Do you know what though? That saturday night was perfect. It turned out to be relaxed, calm and adult. Those nights for me are the best. Pre-having kids I loved going out. I loved getting dressed up and having a face full of make-up.  But now nights in with a glass of wine. Ok, ok sparkling juice. I just lost some readers there hey? I am still breastfeeding guys  so I’m allowed to be all alcohol free. So, those nights are for me are better than any going out date nights anyday. 

How was your weekend? Mine even though it started of rocky turned out to be perfect. 

~ Vikki ~ 


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