We have our tree.

Yes, I am fully aware that we are still in the month of November and I can already hear the negative comments but I DON’T CARE! Haters keep on hating. 

This is the first time we have bought a real Christmas tree and let me tell you im already hooked. It’s the whole  event it is made into. Getting dressed in your warm winter woolies and the walking through the pine sented maze with the excitement of finding your tree. Looking through and pointing out that this tree is too think along the bottom or that tree is too tall to fit into the desinated space you have in your home. Until you find the one. The one that will fit, the one we think looks the best, the one that is the right height that the children will be able to do most of the decorating themselves.  Then when you finally find your tree you watch as the sales assistant- in our case a man- take your tree, wrap it up and carry it into the back of your car. The whole experience is magical.  

When you bring your tree home you then need to unravel the tangled webbing that incases the tree. Ripping through the plastic knitting to unveil the lush green branches and them whipping out into their natural shape. Ohh can’t you tell I love it. Drinking hot chocolate while the children decorate the tree and sing christmas carols.  

I am a true lover of Christmas. Always have and I hope that I always will be. I am one of those annoying people that actually get a little over excited and ending up making themselves sick or poorly when the day actually arrives. I’d like to say its a result of having my children but the truth is I have always been this way. Im sure there are so many more like me. Why not throw yourself into anything that makes you happy? 


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