My GHD’S Fixed 

So I jump in the shower and wash my hair, sit down at my dressing table and blowdry my hair into a semi fuzzy straight style awaiting my hair straightners to finish the job. I plug in my Ghd straighteners to find that they have stopped working. 

Now as superficial as it may sound I was deverstated. The Ghd straightens that I had bought as an investment were no longer heating up and these straightners do not come cheap. Especially before Christmas i would have to start saving up my pennies  to buy a new pair. 

*fuzzy hair alert*

Haha! Epic fail! 

After posting a status on Facebook regarding my Ghd’s a friend if mine told me about a company that fixed Ghd straightners. 

I did a lot of research about them and googled every question imaginable to find out as much a possible about this company.

They are a uk based company that specialise in repairing all faults of Ghd straightners. 

For the cost of £24.95 they will fix whatever the fault of the straightners are including any parts or pieces and the delivery cost to post them back to you. They also conduct an electrical safety check as standard within your repair. 

For a fraction of the price of a new pair of Ghd’s I can get mine fixed. 

Even better if they are unable to fix the fault for any reason you get your money back.

Now needless to say that to me this sounded too good to be true but my friend had used them and said that they were great. I found them on eBay too and they had reams and reams of positive feedback from previous customers. 

 I decided to give this company a try, after all my straightners weren’t working anyway. 

I purchased my repair via eBay and within the hour they contacted me thanking me for choosing their company and for my purchase along with a link to the booking form I needed to fill in and pack in my broken Ghd straighner parcel. I emailed them to explain that I did not have a printer and they almost instantly replied explaining that If i do not have a printer it doesn’t matter I can write all the nessacerry information onto a piece of paper and send that instead. 

I sent the parcel UK first class tracked delivery and prepared for the wait. They advertise that they aim to repair received items within 48 hours and with delivery time to send back I thought to expect them back around a weeks time. 

The next day I recieved an email telling me that they had recieved my Ghd straightners and that they were currently under repair and that they will email me gain when the repair has been completed. Great! 

Within 2 hours I received another email informing me that my repair was now complete and that my straighters had been sent back to me via UK first class signed for delivery. 

I recieved them the next day. I opened the parcel to find my Ghd’s cleaned and shiny, they had replaced the wire and plug which also had a electrical safety passed sicker on. I instantly tried them in my nearest available plug outlet and low and behold they worked! Yay! 

I highly recommend this company. I found them extremely proffesional and very efficient in conducting and completing my repair. They have fantastic customer service and great communication throughout the entire process. 

Thank you so much We Repair Ghd. Co. Uk 

I can now have my sleek hair or Ghd curls  back and even better without needing  time to save up the cost of a brand new pair of Ghd straightners. 

I have them logged into my contact list and will always recommend them to anyone. 


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