Book Club?….Ha 

In a mission for me to further myself and expand my mind I made the decision to join in with an online book club through WHSmith.   You know?,  the set of books you tube Zoella recommends each season.                                  Well I fell into the autumn set of books. Zoella is very clever and matches the genre of the books with  relevant celebrations or holiday seasons. For example, in the set of books that I purchased there were  scary thrillers for the October season relating to halloween and  fun loving christmas books. Obviously meant for the Christmas period.  
Anyway, back to me and the reason for this post.

 Every year, and all too often, I take some time out to reflect on my life. How I feel I can improve and grow as a person. This particulr time I thought I should start reading more and help expand my vocabulary. Before I had children I loved to read. I loved being wisked off to whatever world I was reading about  and filling my head with the words and style of the authors writting. I enjoy language. I am fascinated by language. 

After reading the synopses of each book, throughly researching the hastag #Zoellabookclub and watching Zoella’s you tube video promoting these books,  I decided they were the right books for me. 


Then reality hits in and after the first, I’d like to say five days, I remember that I am a mum of 5. Yes, thats right 5 children. When did I think I would have time to sit down and read these books? What was I thinking? 

I am currently on book number one and have managed to read up to chapter 7. I know embarrassing. 

To be fair, the chapters that I have read are really  very good. I am enjoying the book. Frozen Charlotte. 

So to sum it up I bought a set of 6 books in October 2016 and it is now March 2017 and I have managed to read up to chapter 7 from one book. Ha ha HA! 

At this rate maybe I will finish my set by the time my kids leave me for university. 




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