We have our tree.

Yes, I am fully aware that we are still in the month of November and I can already hear the negative comments but I DON'T CARE! Haters keep on hating.  This is the first time we have bought a real Christmas tree and let me tell you im already hooked. It's the whole  event it … Continue reading We have our tree.


Date Night FAIL!

Well as the title of my post suggests we attempted to go on a date night. All set up on Saturday night my mother-in-law had the children so Ben and I could enjoy a night to ourselves.  Or so we had planned.  Now I understand that by having as many children as I do limits … Continue reading Date Night FAIL!

What we did for Children In Need….

Today is the day we publicise Children In Need and raise awareness for the BBC Charity that help all children in need.  Our children's school put on a fun day annually to help raise money to contribute to the charity.  This year the rules were to wear pyjamas to school or wear spots. So this … Continue reading What we did for Children In Need….

 7 Things people don’t tell you about after having a C Section…..

As you already know I am a mum to five beautiful children. My first born was delivered naturally and all other babies were deliverd via a Cesarean  Section.  Going into a C Section all the doctors and nurses are very clear on all the 'risk' factors that may incur from undergoing this operation. Infact they … Continue reading  7 Things people don’t tell you about after having a C Section…..