Book Club?….Ha 

In a mission for me to further myself and expand my mind I made the decision to join in with an online book club through WHSmith.   You know?,  the set of books you tube Zoella recommends each season.                                  Well … Continue reading Book Club?….Ha 


My journey to Self-Love

It is so easy to look at yourself in the mirror and see so called  faults with yourself. I am one of those people. When I look in the mirror I can quite easily see what seems to me is my mummy tummy, my regrowing hair my uneven eyebrows and all the wobbly bits I … Continue reading My journey to Self-Love

What we did for Children In Need….

Today is the day we publicise Children In Need and raise awareness for the BBC Charity that help all children in need.  Our children's school put on a fun day annually to help raise money to contribute to the charity.  This year the rules were to wear pyjamas to school or wear spots. So this … Continue reading What we did for Children In Need….