Happy New Year 

So I’m a little late on the uptake of wishing everyone a happy new year. My apologies.  I have started a YouTube channel and have been busy filming, editing and uploading on there. Between having the children off school, celebrating Christmas and my new channel I have unfortunately neglected my blog. 

So with a new year comes new goals and new ideas. New approaches to things and new adventures. For me a new year is exciting. I am the type of person that analyses my previous year and reflects on the areas I feel I can either work on or adjust inorder to make the new year better and more positive. 

My previous year 2016, has had its fair share of up’s and down’s. Unfortunately I’ve had more down’s than up’s. 

Having my baby Esmae was obviously a huge highlight and moving into an amazing new house was also an amazing part of 2016. However, the rest of the year particularly  the latter end was pretty horrendous. Ben falling ill for one and he is still facing a long period of recovery. Then one by one the children fell ill. Me needing to provide care of every member of my family while recovering from a C Section and having a new born were needless to say difficult. 

But as I have said I use my new year as a new start and all the bad stuff has been left behind in 2016. 

I dont make resolutions as I feel they come with heavy  expetations and are usually too big to carry through the whole year. Instead I set myself goals. Small achievable goals. Each month a new goal that I feel will broaden me as a person and aid me in learning and growing. After all what ever our age we are always learning and maturing. 

These I will share in a new post. I am planning and organising the structure of both my blog and my YouTube channel. I am really excited about what this year 2017 will bring me and my family. 

I wish you all a very happy new year and hope it brings you luck, wealth and good health. 

X  Vikki X 


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